Why Tweet???

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had that began with, “So, about Twitter…um, yah…I just don’t get it.”

When I signed up for an account years ago, I didn’t really get it, either. But I was curious, and that curiosity kept me sniffing around until I did get it. But business owner/operators these days may not have the luxury of time to poke around like I did. So the question becomes: what, if anything, are you missing by not being on twitter?

The short answer to that question is Opportunity. There are all kinds of people on twitter. Some of them represent companies and/or brands; others are just people, trying to entertain themselves. But make no mistake about it. Business is being done there, friends are being made, networks are being strengthened and brands are being built.

What can you or should you be saying or doing on Twitter?

They say “Brand X” is a lifesaver!

You could chime in with a, “Well, thanks! We try and it’s nice to hear from a satisfied customer!”


They might say, “Brand X wrecked my day by not working the way I wanted it to!”

You could hit ’em with your basic, “Yikes! sorry to hear that there was a problem with our product! Please email me at BrandX@rockstar.com so we can work out a resolution!”

Saying “thank you” and “I’m sorry” are two very important components of representing a brand on Twitter. But the general secret is to just find out where your stakeholders are and engage them in conversation. It doesn’t have to be profound…sometimes even the weather is a fine topic. Just keep it real, keep it relevant and keep it at 140 characters or less, and you’ll be just fine.

You can find me at www.Twitter.com/SocialBex. And by all means, if you have any questions just ask me. Jump on in, the water is fine!

Posted on: May 3, 2010, by : bex