ur kidding, right???!

Sometimes it’s the little things that seem to make a difference. This little fact becomes painfully evident (to me anyway) when someone types “their” when they meant “they’re” or “your” when they meant “you’re”. I don’t know why this bothers me so much. But it does.

So now we see the ubiquitous “ur” floating around. Strangely, given how annoyed I get with the above, I’ve quickly accepted this into my shorthand vernacular, used mostly in text messages and on twitter. After all, if you’re only given 140 little characters to make a statement…sometimes saving a couple of spaces with “ur” makes more sense than having an incomplete thought, right?

Well, maybe. It really depends upon your brand and followers. Are you LeeBrant Jewelers, selling high-end baubles to the up-and-coming? Then no, it’s inappropriate to use anything but grammatically correct language. What about SixBeans, the funky, gourmet take-away food store (where, by the way, you can get the most heavenly goat cheese stuffed poblano peppers)? Depending on the context, they could probably get away with it.

How does your social media team represent you out there in the twittersphere?? It’s important that anyone authorized to engage in social media on behalf of your company be given clear guidelines so “Wow, that’s an excellent point!” doesn’t get condensed into “omg…ur right! lol….” if it doesn’t fit in with the brand (which is also known as the dreaded “#SocialMediaFAIL”).

Posted on: February 9, 2011, by : bex