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Some thoughts on outsourcing

Many companies find that outsourcing is an effective way to achieve objectives while keeping a sharp eye on their bottom line. But here is where a lot of them miss an opportunity to outsource more effectively: they don’t match up their outsourced staff with their demographic. And this leads to miscommunication.

Say what??

Have you ever called a customer service line and find yourself speaking to someone with a heavy foreign accent (yet who also assures you that her name is “Sue”)? Right off the bat you have trouble understanding and being understood. This is a communications failure, which should be concerning to customer service managers across the planet. Yet the outsourcing continues.

Many outsourced jobs are also offshored, which means that they are jobs that are sent to people in other countries. Social Butterfly Marketing is an outsourcing option for social media. But we homeshore jobs, which simply means that we use American people to provide social media support to other American consumers. Further, we match up our Social Butterflies interests with those of the target demographic of our clients. We do this because we believe that makes them much more effective at understanding and communicating with our client’s audience.

For example, if you have a Parenting magazine and want to hire a social media person to engage with your audience, you probably wouldn’t want to hire a college kid who doesn’t have any kids because he won’t understand your target demographic. In those situations we find a “Butterfly” with parenting experience who also fits the target demographic (35-45 years old, certain socio-economic level, etc). Every time I call customer service and speak to “Sue” in Bangalore, it makes me wish that more companies put a little bit more thought into it.

In other news, I’m SO excited to be attending the SoCon12 conference at the Center for Sustainable Journalism at KSU this weekend!! You can follow along by monitoring the event hashtag, #SoCon12. There will be a lot to learn!!

SoCon12, coming up!!

Have you ever attended one of the SoCon events? The next one is coming up on February 3rd and 4th. From a networking party at SweetWater Brewing Company to an all day conference at KSU, there is something for everyone! I find that it’s a great way to stay on top of the constantly changing landscape of social media. It’s also great for networking.

Check out the break out sessions. How will I ever choose???

10:30 – 11:30am Break out session #1
• Always On: Will Traditional Computers Survive the Mobile Revolution
• Augmented Reality
• Lessons in Video PR
• Socializing Local Store Marketing (LSM)
• The Future is Now: Social TV and What Consumers Want
• The Great Unfollow Experiment
• The War On Stupid
• Educating (Dr.) Rita
• Social Service: Cultivating Responsible Fans
• The Value of Incorporating SEO-friendly Content into Web content

1:15 – 2:15 pm Break out session #2
• Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond: Growing Your Venture Overseas
• Connecting Georgia Greens – Real World Examples
• Creating and Leveraging Sustainable Social Media Communities
• Crowd Financing 101
• The Creative (not creepy) Use of Social Media Analytics
• Social Media for Advocacy: Using Next Generation Tools to Spread Awareness and Influence Policy
• Quit the Daily Grind: A Former Newspaper Reporter’s Social-Media Journey to Freelance Success
• The Social Journey
• Designing for the Mobile Age

2:30 – 3:30pm Break out session #3
• Create, Connect, Collaborate: Words that work online
• The Intersection of Social Media and Communicating Sustainability
• The World Has Gone Mobile: Use Your Basic Web Skills to Build iPhone and Android Apps
• Why Time Consuming Blogging, Twitter and Facebook Strategies May NOT Work for Your Business: Consider These Alternative Social Media Strategies
• Mine! No, Mine! : Who Owns Social Media?
• Would You Like A Badge With That? Event Organizing In A 2.0 World
• Building Web-Based Augmented Reality Experience
• She Said, He Said
• Crowdsourcing content: The social consumer as a source for content and dialogue
• Social Media Mistakes and how to handle them (Dealing with Online Reputation Management)

If you would like to  join us, use discount code “CSJ15” by January 20th and get 15% off SoCon12’s already low price. Seriously…it’s a steal!!

Here is a link to their Facebook Event and for my twitter peeps, the hashtag is #SoCon12. Hope to see you there!!

WTH is WOM…and where can we get some??

Ah the often mentioned yet largely under attained Word of Mouth Marketing. How do you make someone talk about you (but in a good way)??

Here are a couple of ideas….

Be fabulous. The real kind of fabulous, not the perceived fabulous where you are, for example, at the wedding of your ex where you have a few glasses of wine and the next thing we know, are twirling across the dance floor with your head thrown back in laughter. You might feel fabulous at the moment…but we all know that you will wake up in the morning with a fat head, wondering where your left shoe is and, for that matter, why is there blood on your shin. Ahem….

Be interesting. To quote one of the best chick flicks of all time, “Think about pleasing her, not vexing her.” It doesn’t need to be anything magnificent…just at least of general interest to someone who might read it.

Be informative. Know something cool? Share a little with the group. People like that. And, if it’s interesting to you it would probably be of interest to someone else.

Be creative. Try something new. After all, social media is in its infancy and people screw up on it all of the time. Join them! Make a mistake, take a risk. Some really awesome things have been created that way!

Be REAL. Don’t go all Balloon Boy on us, telling a great big stinking sack of lies about how your kid disappeared in a hot air balloon…only for us to find out a couple of hours later that you are, in fact, full of more shit than a Christmas Goose. If you can’t tell the truth about whatever you’re marketing, well, you should probably not talk.

That’s all well and good. But I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…the best way to get people talking about you is…to listen. Yep, that’s it, in a nutshell. Good conversationalists are good at listening. Social Media is about interacting; it’s a bajillion conversations that are all interconnected on the internet. Listen first and then consistently engage yourself in the conversation. The next thing you know, you’re in WOM City!