Staffing Services

You may already have an online marketing plan that includes social media, but you may not have the resources to effectively execute the plan. The Social Butterfly Marketing company can provide your company a trained “Social Butterfly” to act as your brand ambassador.

Benefit from your own Social Butterfly

Social Media marketing is what we do and for several years our network of Social Butterflies has delivered results for businesses of all sizes. What makes our Social Butterflies different?

When it comes to supporting your brand, trial and error is never the best option. The Web never sleeps, you need world-class Brand Ambassadors who are available 24/7/365. That means gaining access to energetic talent that:

  • understand and appreciate your brand,
  • continually sharpen their customer service skills and
  • proactively support and defend your brand.

This network of professionals provide your company access to an experienced, invested talent pool that stands ready to serve your organization with the highest quality of online customer service

Meet your Social Butterflies

Independent business owners who contract with Social Butterfly Marketing. Each Butterfly is hand picked based on your market demographic needs:

  • They are a US-based talent pool of professionals who work in a home office, are entrepreneurial, driven, experienced, goal-oriented self-starters.
  • They have hands-on business experience, having come from companies similar to yours prior to their move to work from home.
  • They are college educated.
  • They are small business owners who understand accountability and the importance of your success.

We can create a custom account based on your needs from 10 hours to 24/7 coverage. Should you prefer that your “Butterfly” be part of your staff, we can do that too.

For more information about how the Social Butterfly Marketing company can meet your Social Media staffing needs, contact us at (404) 644-0355 or