No offense to The Offspring, but you got to “Keep ’Em Integrated”!

Social media can't stand alone, it should be integrated with all forms of communications.One of the easiest way to improve your company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is by making sure that all of your communication in integrated. What do I mean by that? Most companies have several different communications channels: corp comm (internal and external), marketing, PR and now more and more every day, social media.

What I am talking about goes beyond making sure that each department is on the same page on brand and message (although some companies fall short on making sure brand and message are consistent). I am talking about actually using your “good” keywords in your messaging. If Google says your website is relevant because of XYZ words, then make sure that you use X, Y and Z in your messaging. It also wouldn’t hurt to include a hyper-texted link to your website in all external and internal forms of communications. If your PR is picked up online, Tweets, postings etc, then the search engines will see your relevance and in turn, you should go up in the search rankings.

Unfortunately most of these forms of communication are done in different departments, some in silos, some are loose cannons, and some just don’t seem to care. So what can you do to improve SEO?

  • Talk to the person who handles your company’s web analytics and find out what words and phrases are driving people to your site.
  • Craft your messaging to utilize at least some of these words.
  • Develop a communication plan with content templates that can be distributed to the various departments.

You may not get 100% participation, but by doing the leg work for them you should at least see some participation and in return an improvement in SEO. And ultimately, you should see an increase in qualified leads coming to your site.

Keep it social!


Posted on: October 4, 2010, by : Social Don