Free LinkedIn Social Media tips for SoCon12 Attendees

Thank you for attending the SoCon12 Social Media Conference.

Social Butterfly is honored to be one of the sponsors of the event and would like to give you our LinkedIn training kit for free. Click on the image below to download our LinkedIn training kit.

This PDF download includes three main sections created to help you improve your networking effectiveness on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn, an effective networking tool.

This section explains the business and networking potential of the LinkedIn social media platform.

Create an effective LinkedIn profile.

This section shows you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile using these 10 easy steps:

    1. Make it clean, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
    2. Use your real name.
    3. Keep your photo professional
    4. Personalize your public profile URL
    5. Personalize your websites
    6. Populate your profile with keywords
    7. Utilize the “Experience” description area
    8. List your “additional education”
    9. Use your invitations wisely
    10. Get Recommendations

Network as a subject matter expert.

The third section focuses on how to properly network in a business to business online environment.







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