Land Ahoy

The other day I noticed that Lands’ End posted a sale on Facebook for a fleece sweater that I wanted. With great haste, I clicked on their link and carefully chose the size and color only to find out that they were out of it and the site wouldn’t allow a backorder. Frustrated, I tried every other color but they were out.

I went back to their fan page and noticed that lots of people were making the same comments…there were no sizes left even though the promotion had over 8 hours left. I posted a note on their wall, stating something like, “Hey. Thanks for wasting my time…you have none of these left in any size. Next time you post a promotion, maybe you should make sure you have some inventory.”

Did I overreact?? Maybe…after all, it was only a $15 sweater.

About 5 minutes after my post, someone from Lands’ End WROTE BACK. My initial reaction was one of fear. Gah!! I’m not invisible!!

But I got over that and read the response, “We’re really sorry about the trouble you had ordering our sweater. The promotion was much more popular than we predicted and we quickly ran out of most sizes and colors. Please email me at and I’ll see what I can do to get you the color and size you wanted.”

I wrote back and declined the offer but told them how impressed I was that they were listening. REALLY listening. And then, they responded. What a concept.

The outcome of this was fairly simple. The social media team at Lands’ End took a disgruntled customer and reignited the flame of her passion for its’ brand. They did this through listening and responding. A couple of days later I found myself needing some pants for my kids. My very first stop was, where I spent around $100. And that, my friends, is how the game is played!

Posted on: January 4, 2010, by : bex

2 thoughts on “Land Ahoy

  1. My pet peeve is the emails that company’s send out EVERY SINGLE day advertising what they have on sale. I used to be on the email list for Lands End, but they really did email me every day of the week. I finally removed myself from their list and I told them way. Unfortunately, their email is not set to only email some folks say once a week… They did respond to my comment as well, but it could not be fixed.

  2. @ Barbara, I opted out of the emails. It was too much. But I love how their information on sales, etc., is pushed to me via Facebook. It makes it easy to ignore or act on it, depending on my mood!

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