Email Marketing

One of the cost effective ways to build your business is to build an email list of your clients. When you have a list of customers that want to get information from you sent to their inbox, that’s gold!

Integrating marketing is important; you want to give people multiple ways to be in contact with you. With email you are able to blast out messages to your customers and potential customers and give them information that is important to them while letting them know what World Micro is doing.

Legal Implications of Emailing Your Customers

  • You must give customers / everyone on your list a way to opt-out. If there is no link at the bottom of your email that allows them to opt-out and never receive any more email from you, then you could be breaking the anti-spam (“Can Spam”) law.
  • If they opt-out and you send out another email to them later, you could be breaking the law.
  • Your email host (SMTP server) may get labeled as a spam server if too many emails are sent out. Your ISP or SMTP host could ban your account.
  • If you’re not blind copying everyone on your list, you could really be upsetting your customers by essentially giving spammers their email account. This will definitely leave a bad taste in their mouth and you could lose that customer. They may even tell other people they know that you’re doing this.