Are Pimps Cyber Stalking YOUR Kid?

What's a 12 year old look like?Those of you who know me  personally know that I have worked on a few projects fighting CSEC (commercial sexual exploitation on children). This is a real problem that happens everywhere. In metro Atlanta underage girls are pimped an average of 350 times. PER MONTH. The average age of entry into this?? She’s about 12 years old. It is abhorrent but true.

Pimps are natural predators who are excellent at making these girls do whatever they want. And they are rolling with the times, which means that they are now using social media as a tool to get more girls. They look at these girls as possessions. The pimps take all of the money…and the more girls they have, the more money they make, pure and simple.

The pimps set up fake identities on social networks and pretended to be women (it’s less threatening to get a message from another girl). And girl after girl FELL for it. This message came from Facebook and was an exception:


Can you imagine being that kids mom??! She handled it a lot more gracefully than I would have. I think I would’ve been like “heck yeah I wanna do that! Come pick me up!” And then…go all Chuck Norris with a touch of Lorena Bobbit on them.

But enough about my “revenge on pimps” violent fantasies. The thing we need to talk about now is: what can you do to keep your kids safe? Fortunately, I have an answer. You might not like it, but that’s too bad.

Get plugged in. STAY plugged in. Know your kids friends, including the virtual ones. Find out what social platforms your kid is on and then get your own account. LEARN how to use it. Make sure that your kid has appropriate security settings. Turn the “map my photos” option off on Instagram. Make sure that only their friends can see their content on Facebook. Make sure that they have NO identifying information on Twitter that would make it easy for someone to find them in a crowd.

Teach your kids why they should never accept a Facebook friend request from someone they don’t know. Otherwise she could get one of these:

Message from a Pimp

And if it happens to come on the wrong day, when her self esteem is low, she feels ugly, bored, angry at you, whatever, well…she could be ripe for the plucking by these bastards. So. Go get your learn on.

Here is a link to the article about pimps using social media. Reading it on a full stomach may lead to nausea…just a heads up.

Oh, and by the way, the pictures of the girls above are only meant to serve as a reminder of what a 12 year old girl looks like. In fact, to get it I googled “12 year old girl”. As far as I know none of them are involved in this kind of thing.