Billions of words are being launched into cyberspace by bloggers every day, so you might think that blogging is mostly about being quick, being short, and just being there. But experienced marketing communicators know that it’s not just quantity but quality that counts. They see blogging as an opportunity for strategic messaging to help clients reach specific goals. This is the kind of seasoned approach we offer clients – targeted, engaging blog dialogue that reinforces an organization’s brand and positions you as subject matter experts.

There is a treasure trove of healthcare resources in the medical professionals who work on the LINKAGES project. We recommend working with a professional ghostwriter who will interview the medical professionals you choose and then write a blog post relevant to our target demographic. Our ghost writers know how to:

  • Keep the phone interview brief so that your staff can quickly get back to work.
  • Capture the experts “voice” while also using language that most laypeople will easily understand.
  • Submit the written blog entry to the expert (your doctor, nurse, other medical professional) so that s/he may ensure that the thoughts were appropriately captured.
  • Work within and co-manage the content calendar to keep posts relevant to current messaging.
  • Utilize effective keywords in the copy, benefitting SEO.

Some blogs post multiple blog entries a day, we recommend, for any industry, posting a minimum of once per week. For the medical industry daily postings are preferable. But this feature is highly scalable to budgetary considerations.