Are Pimps Cyber Stalking YOUR Kid?

Those of you who know meĀ  personally know that I have worked on a few projects fighting CSEC (commercial sexual exploitation on children). This is a real problem that happens everywhere. In metro Atlanta underage girls are pimped an average of 350 times. PER MONTH. The average age of entry into this?? She’s about 12 […]

Superbowl Hangover

I have a confession to make. I don’t love football. THERE. I said it. I love tailgating and parties, however, and these often times seem to stem around football. And of course, my husband is a Virginia Tech graduate, which means that I know all about the Hokie Pokie and the controversial “Stick It In” […]

Still reeling….

I love social media. It’s especially great when there is something happening that you want to know about it. Or need to know about. Last week the latter happened: a horrifying tragedy unfolded in a sleepy town in Connecticut. The news began trickling onto my news feed on Facebook. “Reported shooting at elementary school.” “Two […]

Happy Halloween!!

When I was a kid I never had a really cool Halloween costume. I favorited those cheap store bought ones. And my only non off-the-rack costume was a nightmare. When I was 11 or so…my mom had taken me to the YMCA as they had some sort of fundraiser where they would “lovingly” create a […]

AT&T’s Social Media Fail

I have an aunt who likes to say “sh*t or get off of the pot.” I’ve heard her say it at least a thousand times. I had an interesting dealing with AT&T the other day that reminded me of this sentiment. Considering the size and scope of their organization, their social media efforts are lame. […]