About Us

Our roots in customer service

Social Butterfly Marketing has a strong foundation built upon two heavy cornerstones: customer service and marketing.

It was created to help companies use social media tools, sites and applications to connect with customers and prospects. While using social media to market your company is not rocket science (unless maybe you tweet for NASA), it can be quite time consuming.  And like traditional media, social media marketing requires knowledge about the target audience, branding as well as crafting the appropriate plan to reach out and engage them. But unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing requires continual contact with that audience.

Traditional marketing and public relations can be successful ways for companies to promote their brand and products. These tried and true tactics are effective but only allow for one-way communication. Social media, on the other hand, embraces two-way communication, which makes for a much more interesting conversation.

With the proliferation of information technology and Web 2.0 applications, the way audiences receive and interact with information has evolved. The bottom line is…if your business is not already using social media or planning to use social media as part of its marketing strategy, a key element is missing. Does your competition deserve such a generous gift?

The Social Butterfly Marketing company offers services that range from consulting to staffing:

Consulting – We research your company and create a custom social media brand plan.
Execution – We set up your social media plan in accordance with your brand plan.
Training – We can train members of your staff to act as your online spokesperson(s).
Staffing – If a fulltime staffer is not in your company plan or budget, Social Butterfly Marketing can provide you with an experienced “Brand Ambassador” to act as your online customer service agent. 


If you’re ready to really talk with your customers, Social Butterfly Marketing will help you find the right strategic way to do it and then help you maintain a consistent online presence, which improves the value of your brand while helping your company grow.

Based in Atlanta, the Social Butterfly Marketing company has a virtual service platform that allows us to work with companies across the world. Our team of professionals has experience in:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Quality Control

  • Public Relations

  • Advertising

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Web Development; and

  • Search Engine Optimization

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Contact the Social Butterfly Marketing company and let our team of experts create and execute a plan customized to meet your business objectives.

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