A tale of two Forks

How does “Forks” apply to social media you ask? Well, this summer our family made it’s annual pilgrimage to visit “grandpa” in the Pacific Northwest. Being that my daughters have become big fans of the Twilight series, I thought it would be cool to take them to where the story takes place, Forks Washington, which also happens to be the rainiest place in the US.

Because Forks was a 4-hour drive form where we were staying, I wanted to make sure that I did some research before heading up the Olympic Peninsula. Just like 93% percent of the population does before they make a big purchase, I turned to the Internet, pulled up Google and typed “Twilight.”  Now I got about 85,300,000 results in 0.16 seconds. So I narrowed my search by looking for unbiased info on the subject, which took me to the Web 2.0 section of the Internet, blogs, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What did I find? Well for starters, none of the movies are actually filmed in or near Forks. Turns out that Forks, a small town in a rain forest, doesn’t have the room for a big Hollywood production, so while the books are based in and around Forks, the first movie is shot in and around Portland. This information led to what I think is an obvious decision, plan two tours for the girls:

–       Our “literary trip” was to Forks with multiple stops at sites discussed in the book as seen here at the Forks Welcome Center:

–       The other trip was Cinematic, visiting all of the “shoot” sites in and around Portland as seen here at the stunningly beautiful Stone Cliff Inn.

Thanks to social media I was able to get first hand accounts of where to go and what to see. The results?? Two very happy daughters with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Posted on: September 27, 2010, by : Social Don