Social Butterfly

Social Media Marketing

is getting a lot of press these days, leaving many company leaders to wonder; what is it, do they have it, do they need it, and, in these dicey economic times, can they afford it?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the use of social networking sites (Facebook, twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, etc.) to engage your audience for the purpose of marketing, customer service, public relations or other types of corporate communications.

Who needs it?
Any organization that would benefit from having a conversation with its clients or stakeholders benefits from social media marketing. When done well social media marketing is effective for both B2B and B2C platforms.

Can you afford it?
Only you know the answer to that. Unfortunately, not keeping up with your competition comes with a cost too. Social Butterfly Marketing has many different options and can work within most budgets. Contact us now to find out how Social Butterfly Marketing can help your business come out of its cocoon, spread its wings, and fly!

Still not convinced about the power of social media??

Check out this amazing video by industry badass, Erik Qualman.

Video used with permission from Erik Qualman who, by the way, wrote an amazing book called Socialnomics. If you don’t have it (and I really like you), I might let you borrow mine. But better yet, buy your own copy! It’s a wonderful resource for Social Media! Click here to get more information from his website.

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